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"Click Image about to confirm much should I send on PayPal?"

Donate Securely Using Paypal

For your and our protection, no financial data (credit card numbers) are ever retained at any step of your transaction by the Anthony T. Stafford Military Lodge No. 16 of Freemasons.

PayPal handles the entire transaction and protects your data as the industry leading payment processing service used by eBay and millions of companies and organizations worldwide.

Email Confirmations:

Any time you send or receive a PayPal payment, Paypal will send you an email to confirm the transaction. If you ever receive a confirmation email for a transaction you didn't make, alert PayPal right away and they'll launch an investigation.

When Information is in Transit:

All of your information is protected by SSL, which ensures that your information is encrypted so no one can steal it when it is sent across the internet.

On PayPal Website Servers:

Your personal information is stored on PayPal servers and heavily guarded, both physically and electronically. This gives your credit card and bank numbers an extra layer of protection. Paypal does not directly connect their firewall-protected servers to the Internet.

There are many reasons that over 135M people trust PayPal with their finances, and data encryption is one of the most important.

Learn more here Paypal security or Google the phrase "Paypal security" for more information.

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