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Fraternal Support

Relief, one of the principal tenets of Freemasonry, comes in many forms - from helping a Mason in financial need or one who is ill or lonely to assisting a Mason's widow or orphan.

MWUGL of Florida Masons benefit from the organized relief efforts provided by the

M.W.U.G.L. Foundation, Inc.

Scholarship & Educational Grant

For the last 10 years, we have supported at least 10 students with a $1500 academic endowment and a $500 book Grants in aide each school year and have set a new long term goal to increase that number to 50 students per academic year. We believe that investing in our youth today through education, literacy and scholarship will contribute to changing the landscape of our communities

Child Mentoring & Development

With a focus on the development of our young boys and young girls through organized Mentor programs we firmly believe that we greatly reduce the chance of them becoming victims of circumstances to becoming victors in the game of life; productive members of society able to contribute to the further advancement of themselves and to the elevation of humanity

Community Outreach

There is no greater blessing than to be a blessing to others. The MWUGL Foundation is dedicated to Educating, Mentoring, Helping those in need, and Giving. Through the support of over 5000 male and 3000 female members in over 130 subordinate Lodges and 100 subordinate Chapters within our Parent Organization, We find that the MWUGL Foundation is truly making a difference.

Charitable Donations

Through the Activities of our Fundraising Committee and the generous supporters of our foundation, we are able to annually contribute to other Non-Profit organizations such as The American Heart Society, American Breast Cancer Foundation, and The American Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation. All donations to the MWUGL Foundation are tax deductible

Anthony T Stafford Military Lodge #16

Supports our M.W.U.G.L. Foundation, Inc., but we have local fraternal support needs here in Europe see our Community page.

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