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Lodge of Sorrow

Having completed the designs laid down upon life’s Trestleboard,

These Brethren have answered the last summons of the

Grand Warden of Heaven and

entered that Celestial Lodge above, over which the

Supreme Architect of the Universe


Though our beloved and respected Brothers

have passed through the portals of eternity, their memory remains to

inspire us to live respected and die regretted.

Bro. Kyle W. Tahquechi, 32°

Sunset: Feb. 25, 2016

Chartered Member

Anthony T. Stafford Military Lodge No.16

R.·.W.·. Eugene Quinn, Sr., 33°

Sunset: March 11, 2016

R.·.W.·. Arthur Ross Jr., 33°

Sunset: August 8, 2015

R.·. W.·. James B. Ellis, 33°

Sunset: April 29, 2013

R.·.W.·. Irvin Siplin, 33°

Sunset: April 10, 2013

R.·.W.·. James Edward Dawes, 33°

Sunset: January 7, 2014

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