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Lawrence W. Huston Jr., 33°

District/Lodge Instructor

Message from the Lodge Instructor:

.Masonic Education should be interesting, educational, and engaging. Everyone should feel that their time at the lodge was well spent. What is at the core of Freemasonry? Beyond the answer of it being a Fraternity of men who meet together monthly, Freemasonry is a system of allegory and symbol arranged in peculiar fashion to convey a unique message. Some condemn Freemasonry by saying is a religion, when it does act to bring a tradition forward like a religion, but in fact practices no particular faith. The uniting idea is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in something greater than the self. We delve into these aspects of the fraternity and more as it explores the symbols, tools, organization, and ideas of the Ancient Fraternity of  Prince Hall Freemasonry.

Then shall we hear and see and know,

All we desir'd and wish'd below,

And every power find sweet employ,

In that eternal world of joy.

Our flesh shall slumber in the ground,

Till the last trumpet's joyful sound,

Then burst the chains with sweet surprize,

And in our Saviour's image rise


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M.·.W.·. Walter Gulley, Jr. University of Instruction

Grand Master's Vision

• State-wide Masonic Proficiency

• Establish a masonic academy or university

• Include Jerusalem Grand Chapter, OES

• Strive to perpetuate Masonry by practicing its teachings and preserving our culture

• Infuse innovative, educational tactics to foster engagement and participation

• Plan masonic programs to resemble continuing education programs (weekend concept)

• Consider the possibility of some online courses

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