Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity♦Free and Accepted Masons♦State of Florida and Belize♦Central America 
Jurisdiction♦Incorporated♦Prince Hall Affiliated


Anthony T. Stafford Military Lodge №16

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Olin Newsome. 33°

Lodge Instructor

Message from the Lodge Instructor:

Many writers and thinkers have tried to define Freemasonry but it really defeats definition. It is too complex, too profound in conception, to easily expressed in words. Perhaps the simplest and best definition of all is the phrase "the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God." Our Masonic forefathers had an understanding of human needs and human aspirations. They may never have dreamed of the mindless computer which governs our lives, or the fission of matter which threatens our lives, but they understood human nature and what motivates the spirit of man. Thus from a simple process of using stone and mortar for building they progressed to the most important of life's functions, the building of character. -Louis L. Williams

This Little Light Of Mine
Sam Cooke (A Change Is Gonna Come)

M.·.W.·. Walter Gulley, Jr. University of Instruction

Grand Master's Vision

• State-wide Masonic Proficiency

• Establish a masonic academy or university

• Include Jerusalem Grand Chapter, OES

• Strive to perpetuate Masonry by practicing its teachings and preserving our culture

• Infuse innovative, educational tactics to foster engagement and participation

• Plan masonic programs to resemble continuing education programs (weekend concept)

• Consider the possibility of some online courses