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A Beacon of Light in Our Community

At Anthony T. Stafford Military Lodge No. 16 in Ramstein-Miesenbach, RP, 

We strive to continue Masonry in the Community by practicing its teachings and preserving our culture.

As a 501(c) (3) organization and a subordinate of The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge, we aim to engage, educate, and empower all of our members. We also train each and every member to be the light bearers of our nation.

Community Outreach

It’s truly wonderful to be a blessing to others. Our organization works hard to educate, mentor, and help underprivileged people in any way we can. Through our community outreach programs, we change lives little by little, one step at a time.

Child Mentoring and Development

The State of Florida Grand Council, Order of the Knights of Pythagoras (KOP) is a Youth Program sponsored by Prince Hall Masons of Florida. Our organization James B. Ellis Council of KOP along with parents provides through our program focuses on the development of many young boys. We firmly believe that through these programs, we teach children to believe in themselves and think positively about their lives and of the lives of other people. Moreover, we help them become productive members of the society. “No man stands as straight as When he stoops to help a boy”

Get Involved

Support our cause by sending any monetary contribution. Your donation would greatly help us in funding our outreach programs, as well as other important events and activities for the community. You may send your donations via PayPal . Contact Us for more information.

Support the Anthony T. Military Lodge No. 16 , Monthly Pledge of just $5.00,or express your appreciation with a Love Token of your choice.

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