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“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our History

The beginning of the Anthony T. Stafford Military № 16 in Germany, started in July 2013. It was a vision of PGM M.·.W.·. Gardner M. Torrence Sr, PGM M.·.W.·. Anthony T. Stafford Sr. and HPGM M.·.W.·. Andrew Morgan. It All Began With these three masonic icons. Starting as as a group of visionaries to extend The MOST WORSHIPFUL UNION GRAND LODGE, Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity, Free and Accepted Masons,State of Florida and Belize,Central America Jurisdiction, Incorporated, Prince Hall Affiliated into Europe with Kaiserslautern, Germany to be the place to charter the first lodge. In 2014 as the word circulated on this profound idea and membership request grew, Some of the interested Brethren eleven to be exact had experienced disharmony, disunity and feuding factions within the masonic organization they were members and seek a new beginning. Fortunately, they found harmony in the Florida jurisdiction and moved forward with their new ideals. And began petitioning for membership. They were accepted and became members Pride of Palm Beach Lodge № 447 with the administrative assistance Past Master Sandy Washington and the advisory of 17th MWGM Anthony T. Stafford Sr. and with a great new spirit and direction, the "Dawn of a New Day" began.

In operation since the date chartered April 11, 2015 during the 145th Annual Session in Jacksonville, Florida at the Historic Masonic Temple, 410 Broad St constructed in 1913. The first Masonic Lodge in District 44, Anthony T Stafford Military Lodge No. 16 is located in the town of Kaiserslautern, Germany and was named in honor of the The 17th Most Worshipful Past Grand Master, The Honorable Anthony T. Stafford Sr.


P.G.M. Gardner M. Torrence Sr. 33°, H.P.G.M. Andrew Morgan 33° and The Worshipful Clarence Jeffries 33° collaborated and submitted a petition to form District 44 in Europe to expand M.W.U.G.L. of Florida Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity

As the duly elected Grand Master, MWGM Anthony T Stafford Sr. he accepted the petition and issued the charter.


"So Mote It Be"


Chartered Members

1. Past Grand Master, Most Worshipful,

    Hon. Gardner M. Torrence Sr.33°

2. Honorary Past Grand Master

    Most Worshipful Andrew Morgan 33°

3. The Worshipful Clarence Jeffries 33°

     District Deputy Grand Master

4. Worshipful Master William H. Bell Jr. 33°

5. Junior Warden Lawrence W. Huston Jr, 33°

6. Secretary James R. Hunter ,33°

7. Treasurer Bryan Crochran 33°

    Special Deputy at Large

8. The Worshipful Edward Scott 33°

    Special Deputy at Large

9. The Worshipful Therman Jones 33°

     Special Deputy at Large

10. The Worshipful De-Shazo Wilkinson 33°

      Special Deputy at Large

11. Past Master Gustav Barnard 33° 

12. Past Master Melvin Jackson 33°

13. Past Master Larry Green 33°

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